An iOS App to Create and Manage Packing Lists.

Includes many features like reusable templates, support for multiple legs of a Trip, and iCloud Sync.

Written in SwiftUI and Free to Download. Source code available on Github

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Crime Map

A map of 911 calls made in Fayetteville and Springdale.

Made by Julian Sanker and me as the winning entry for the 2019 JB Hunt Hackathon

2019 Congressional App Challenge winner for the AR-3 District

Source code available on Github

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Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

Online Multiplayer Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

Create private matches or matchmake with random opponents

All matches are kept for one month after the point of last activity, after which they will be deleted.

Source code available on Github: Frontend | Backend

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Other Projects

Fayetteville Street Map A color-coded map of the streets of Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fish Finder: The fastest way to locate dining hall fish at the University of Michigan

The New School Menu: An alternate menu view for The New School in Northwest Arkansas

Keyboard Shortcuts for Kahoot: Safari and Firefox extension that adds customizable keyboard shortcuts to Kahoot.

Tic Tac: The classic predecessor to Tic Tac Toe.

About: About this website, contact info, etc

Github: My Github profile where all of my open-source projects can be found.