SOI Scheduler

A Siri Shortcut to schedule events happening at the Don Tyson School of Innovation.

Intended to be used to schedule events during class periods: e.g. History Exam during 4B.


You'll need to install two shortcuts (a classic two for one)

The Get Upcoming Weekdays Shortcut acts as a helper tool to the SOI Scheduler, and the scheduler won't work without it. It's best to install Get Upcoming Weekdays first.

After installing the SOI Scheduler, you'll be presented with 9 screens: the first 8 ask what classes you have (1A, 2A, etc), and the last screen asks what calendar to put your events on.


Upon running the shortcut, it'll ask you what date the event takes place on. If the date you want isn't on the list, tap Custom for more.
After picking a date, it'll ask you what class the event falls on (or primetime if it's Wednesday).
It'll then ask what the event is called. An example could be "Unit 5 Exam".
If the class selected is not a primetime, it'll ask if you want to prefix the class name to the event title. Just click whichever one you want.
After that, the shortcut will be done, and you can find your event in your calendar app of choice!

If there are any issues, feel free to email me at